Photo Gallery

Here are some cars that I own or have owned.  The bikes are not mine but I did the paint work on everything here.  Enjoy!!

Volksfest 2007 1960 Ghia convertable

Front shot Volksfest 2007

Marblized pearl flames. It matched the wheels perfectly!

Sample Photo 4

1968 Beetle, My first Bug

Rollin smoke! (off the tires)

1964 Chevy II 3 stage pearl yellow

Cool Pic

Inside shot

Harley Deuce, Ghost Flames

Harley Fatboy, Pure Black

1992 Mustang 5.0

This is a shot of the hood on my Mustang

Shelby Cobra kit car

rear shot

Shelby Cobra Kit car

Front shot

1963 Chevy truck.

1967 Beetle current daily ride. Original paint on this puppy!

67 Bug, my daily scraper

I chopped up an old tricycle for my little girl. This is what happened

67 Mailibu I did for someone

The latest Cobra body

Another shot of my Ghia

The business end